The Gathering 2017

October 20th - October 22nd, 2017

£60 - £70

THE GATHERING is our national Limitless youth event, bringing together young people and youth groups from everywhere in the country. It is a powerful weekend of dynamic worship, inspirational speakers, incredible atmosphere and limitless fun! Whether meeting Jesus for the first time, encountering his presence in a powerful way, or being freshly fired-up for Jesus, THE GATHERING exists to create landmark moments.

We will meet at the normal time for DHB on the Friday evening for a GATHERING PRE PARTY! After this we will send the young people back to their homes. On Saturday the 21st we will meet at the Elim Building to head up for Manchester where we will attend the conference, have the opportunity to grab some lunch and dinner amongst all of the sessions, seminars and workshops. After this we will head to our accommodation for the evening.

After the Sunday sessions we will travel back to Coventry.

A parent or guardian must register any young person planning on attending this event.

The first 10 tickets are at a reduced rate of £60

All tickets thereafter are £70

Alpha logo


October 23rd - December 4th, 2017

This is an Alpha Course in the format of a small group where anybody can attend in a friendly and open environment, enjoy good company and a pudding, ask any question about Christianity or faith, and learn what followers of Jesus believe and why.

These sessions will run on Monday evenings, 7:30pm - 9pm, between 16th October 2017 and 4th December 2017. Come round to the side entrance of the Coventry Elim church building and ring the doorbell.

To find out more about Alpha visit the Alpha website

Baptism web


November 19th, 2017

Baptismal Services - Sunday 19th November 2017

Our next Baptismal service is on Sunday 19th November at the 11am and 1pm Service

If you've never been baptised then we'd love to chat to you about what baptism is all about and how we can lead you towards being 'dunked'.

To get baptised on the 19th November you will need to attend a baptismal class. The class is an opportunity to gain an understanding of baptism, understand the process of the service and then record a short video 'testimony' or story to be played on the 19th November to encourage our church community with your story of faith in Jesus. We give everyone being baptised a free T-shirt to wear on their baptism.

Our baptismal services are always an opportunity to invite friends or family to so we'd encourage you to do this.

Infant dedication

Infant Dedication

December 3rd, 2017

If you're considering bringing your child for dedication here are a couple of thoughts to consider.

Parents bringing children for dedication are doing the following:

  • Acknowledging that the child is a gift from God and are saying, 'thank you'
  • Recognising that God has entrusted the child into their care
  • Asking for God's help to build good physical, emotional and spiritual foundations into the child's life as they grow
  • Following the example of Jesus' parents when they took him to the Temple for dedication

During the service the minster and members of the church community are:

  • Offering their support to the parents as they bring up the child and are joining with them in praying that when he/she reaches the age of understanding they will come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ.